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Karachi, You’re Killing Me by Saba Imtiaz

Karachi You're

Ayesha, a journalist for a daily newspaper in Karachi has a professional life that is nobody’s envy. Non existent love life can only add to her misery. Luckily she has good friends. Those that appear with drinks at her doorstep, give her free and valuable advice and do not expect an explanation for a botched up situation that Ayesha lands herself in. Her choices in men, most of the times lean towards bad or absolutely disastrous. Her boss Kamran gives her just about anything to report and is indirectly responsible for a lot of misery. Yet,  it’s a life she wouldn’t give up for anything else.

Chicklit at heart,  Karachi, You’re Killing Me is Saba Imtiaz’s love letter to the city. It’s very evident from the start that while Ayesha might be the protagonist, it is the city Karachi that is the central character of the book. From frequent bombings to the intellectual lit fest, from political rallies to religious flavoured fashion shows, there is a little bit of everything in the plot.

Saba Imtiaz’s characters sound a lot like Jane Austen’s characters let loose in a developing country with access to booze and Whatsapp.  A story that is empowering and non preachy in quality, it’s also likeable and very relate-able. It’s true that we all make wrong choices, continue at jobs with ungrateful bosses and fight with friends over trivial issues. These when turned into subject for a book, can only make for a very interesting reading.

Laugh riot that deserves to be read!

Review copy provided by Random House India


  1. Nish says:

    I think at some point I was asked if I wanted to read and review this book and I said no. I don’t know what I was thinking. Sounds terrific!

    1. Shweta says:

      It is pretty good. To me it was a respite from some heavy duty reading. :)

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