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Tiger By The Tail by Venita Coelho

Venita Coelho’s Tiger by the Tail is goodness that comes in small portions. A very few books succeed in getting the message across when it comes to children’s books. I am happy to report that Tiger by the Tail is a fun read that will leave you asking for more.

When I started reading, I wasn’t sure how this would fare. The concept of Jungle Speak, talking animals at the doorstep and a covert animal intelligence network had a very fresh feel to it but was it enough to keep a reader hooked? Apparently, yes. Venita Coelho’s book takes turns being an full blast adventure and a knowledge builder as it moves across borders with an unlikely set of Agents to figure out the disappearance of Tigers.

The characters mostly consisting of a whole lot from the animal kingdom are very smart and quirky. The fast paced story but clear enough that the young readers don’t get mixed up in the narrative. The undervein of humour will the reader entertained as he/she learns the basics about  the national animal that is endangered and nearing extinction.

Author takes a relevant subject and spins a tale of espionage, adventure and fantasy that will keep the reader on the edge. Save The Tiger initiative gets the well deserved coverage for an target audience that will be the future. That makes the whole thing even more relevant.

On a side note, as I was reading this book, I kept thinking of the movie Jumanji starring Robin Williams. Before you think ahead, let me clarify it wasn’t for any plot similarity but for the adventure and crazy mayhem that was the essence of the movie. Does any of you even remember it?

Highly recommended!

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  1. Joyousreads says:

    I love the underlying message amidst the seemingly fun book. Great review!

  2. Book Adorers says:

    Great Review, Read our review too,

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