Book Review: The Governess Affair by Courtney Milan

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My Thoughts:

The Governess Affair is the novella prequel to the very addictive Brothers Sinister series by Courtney Milan. Milan is the writer of truly absorbing  historical romances and the Governess Affair shows her ability to make a compulsive read out of a short story. Narration and plot so compelling that the reader has to get hold of the rest of the books right away.

Serena Barton has made up her mind to humiliate the Duke who destroyed her life. She also wants the rightful compensation for the damages. Even though she knows that her status as a sacked governess isn’t enough to get her demands fulfilled, Serena is resilient and will do what no other has attempted. She will wear him down with pressure of her constant presence. Day after day as Serena sits on a bench in front of the not a penny’s worth Duke’s house, she is becoming a topic of discussion not just for the servants downstairs but also for the guys in the upper floor who have the power to make her life more difficult. Well aware that the slimy Duke has a right hand man called Wolf of Claremont, Serena cannot let fear and intimidation come in the path of her goal. What if love comes along?

Like all others readers who have read and loved The Brothers Sinister series, this is a joy that comes in small portions. Being a novella, it sets the stage  for the rest of the books which follow the lives and loves of the next generation of characters. I loved the way Courtney Milan got me involved in Serena’s life in so short a story. I just couldn’t wait until I had bought all the available books in the series and read them back to back.

While being a romance, The Governess Affair also deals with some pretty tough issues and comes up as a winner in every respect. If you ever happen to come across books by Courtney Milan do not pass them up as fluff because they are any thing but.

Special thanks to Angie from Angieville for introducing this series to me. Angie, you were so right about everything!

Gets two thumbs up from me!

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