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Hurt by Tabitha Suzuma


Tabitha Suzuma is a well known name in Young Adult Contemporary literature. Readers who have had the chance to read her ‘Forbidden’ will vouch for her amazing writing style and mastery over exploring difficult issues. I wasn’t surprised when her new book Hurt came out with rave reviews from readers and critics alike.

Matheo Walsh is a bright student and an Olympic level diver. He wakes up one day after an event to a realisation that something horrible has occurred. As he struggles to put together the bits and pieces of suppressed memory of the event, life intervenes. When he ultimately comes to terms with what happened, it’s not without consequences. Faced with taking a decision on revealing the truth behind what happened to him and losing his girlfriend Lola, Matheo is left struggling.

The exploration of Matheo’s hurt and its effect on the lives of people close to him is what makes the better part of the story. Though you start getting the hints of the cruelty that pains Matheo to no end, it is not until the final revelation that the actual impact takes place.

The ability to make the reader get into the minds of a young adult and bring forth the raw emotions is what makes Tabitha Suzuma the uncrowned queen of Young Adult Contemporary literature.

Highly recommended!

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  1. Vishy says:

    Nice to know that you liked Tabitha Suzuma’s ‘Hurt’, Shweta. I liked it very much, though it was dark and bleak, though it also had its beautiful sunny moments. Thanks for this beautiful review.

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